Education assignment 1: position statement | Educational Diversity and Community | Nova Southeastern University

To your delight, you’ve been selected as one of five finalists for an administrative position! To your dismay, you’ve been asked to prepare a brief position statement for the selection committee. The question you’ve been asked to address is, “How can schools be both learner and knowledge-centered communities?” Make sure that you reflect on your own individual identity and base your position on learning research. Include beliefs about equity and diversity and personal experiences as well as practical examples in your response, and entitle it Position Statement. Please use the text, class resources, and at least one article from Nova’s electronic library to support your statements; but be clear, concise, and avoid jargon. Your writing should exemplify skillful writing, clarity, and strict adherence to APA guidelines for the citations within and the References list at the end. Submit your assignment with the subject Administrative Application Position Statement. 400 Words.


Tomlinson, C. (2001). How to differentiate instruction in mixed ability

classrooms. (2nd ed.).  Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and

Curriculum Development.

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