2700 ba mod 6 organic


Module 6 Assignment 1: Mechanistic and Organic Structures Worksheet

Attached Files:

Overview:For this assignment, you will create a guide that describes mechanistic and organic structures and their components that impact organizational design. Prepare a written response to the prompt below using a word processor. Please save your file in .doc or .docx format. Your response should be complete and should comply with APA writing requirements.For more guidance about APA formatting, please visit the APA Resources folder in the Student Resources course menu tab.*To view the grading rubric for this assignment, click on the name of the assignment and click “View Rubric”
Instructions:This worksheet will help to create a guide for which type of structure works best in various situations. Complete the following:

  1. Download the Module 6 Assignment- Mechanistic and Organic Structures Worksheet.docx file (link is located under the assignment title above).
  2. Answer the questions in each column for each element.
  3. Submit the completed worksheet to this assignment area.
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