600 w 8 d1 | Nursing homework help

You will create a 20-minute formal presentation of your capstone including your poster.

One File, Two Submissions: 1) Post your recorded voice over narrated Powerpoint slide presentation as an attachment to the first Week Eight discussion forum and 2) Upload the same file to the Week Eight Assignment grading link.

In the Discussion Forum, comment on completion of your own project and post a response to at least two peer presentations.

Oral Presentation:

Each presentation should be 10-12 slides in length (excluding title and reference slides, for 20 minutes duration).  Presentation should include an overview of the problem identified, information related to the needs of the patient and/or family (or the chosen topic for nursing education or nursing leadership students)  related to the problem, background significance; methods/design, theoretical model/framework, interventions; expected results, anticipated conclusions and potential implications for practice.

Please title the PPT document as follows for the discussion forum and the assignment drop box.

Last name_CapstoneProjectPresentation1_mmddyyyy  

Example: Ramira_CapstoneProjectPresentation1_01172015


Initial Post:

  • Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: 10-12 voice over narrated recorded powerpoint slides (excluding title and reference slides, for 20 minutes duration)
  • Citations: At least one scholarly reference from within the last 5 years
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