Case study: oversight systems | Marketing homework help

List the question, then provide your response. 1.5 or double spaced. 12pt font. Times New Roman.

Limit your deliverable to no more than 8 pages (less is certainly fine, but be concise… not including works cited).

Good responses should be supported by cited case evidence and readings/material from the course.

Answer the following case questions:

  1. Should Oversight pursue a partnership with Global Credit and/or Banking Worldwide? In making this decision, please specify the terms and conditions of a channel partnership, including price, exclusivity (or not), support, and the roles and responsibilities of Oversights and a channel partner. Which of these terms would you view as “must haves” if you were Patrick Taylor, and which would you view as “nice to have”?
  2. In your view, what should be the goal(s) of a channel partnership at this stage of the venture? Please indicate how GC or BW does or does not help Oversight to achieve those goals.
  3. What is Oversight selling? What is the customer buying? What are the implications of the buying and selling process for evaluating potential channel partners?
  4. What can we learn about successful and unsuccessful channel partnerships form Oversight’s previous experience with Enterprise Software Giant and Concur? What are the implications for a potential partnership with GC or BW?

Consider the pivot Oversight made in its product line from the customized CCM offering to the IOD product line. What changed in the venture and what are the implications?

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