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Submit the following  in 5 – 8 pages using APA format.

Imagine you work for a firm involved in children toy manufacturing (You can also choose other industry). Now discuss the major changes in that sector over the past 25 years in terms of what
contributes to competitiveness. Who (which firms) have been the winners and losers, and why? You
are trying to get a feel in this for how technological change can shape the competitive dynamics of an
industry so think about questions like these:

  1. How has the industry changed – and how has technology helped (or could it help) deal with these changes?
  2. What new technologies have emerged – and how have they been used?
  3. What are the main market demands (e.g. price, quality, design, customization, speed of
    response, etc.) and how has technology affected the ability of firms to offer these?
  4. If a new entrant came into the industry what would he/she have to offer to become a market
    leader – and how might technology help them do so?
  5. In addition to above include a framework similar to below:
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