Ideo: human-centered service design case | MAR6833 | University of Florida


The case materials consist of two portions, a written portion (which can be found in your course pack) and an online multimedia portion (which can be accessed using the link below). to an external site.

Please carefully review the case materials and answer the following questions in your case brief. All students must submit their case briefs through “Assignments” and be prepared to discuss each question in the discussion board once it is open. This is an individual assignment.

  1. How would you characterize IDEO’s human-centered innovation culture, process, and philosophy? What are the core elements?
  2. Why not start out with a survey? It would have been quicker and cheaper, and IDEO could have involved many more customers.
  3. You watched the customer interview video (Chapter 3.2 in the online multimedia portion) from IDEO’s exploratory phase. What features of the interaction contributed to the team’s ability to identify relevant pain points?

Your case brief should not be more than 2 double-spaced pages (12-point font). You may include exhibits (e.g., spreadsheets, tables, flow diagrams, plots, charts) only if needed. Exhibits are optional and will not count toward the 3-page limit.

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