Human resource management orange assignment


INSTRUCTIONS: Download and PRINT all of the UGLI Orange Documents found in the “Files” section of Canvas.  Follow the instructions carefully with a partner (anyone you know). This is a ROLE PLAY that you need to act out with a partner of your choosing (anyone you know).  

  1. PRINT the Scripts for both people (Dr. Roland and Dr. Jones)
  2. Decide who will be Dr. Roland and who will be Dr. Jones–IT is IMPORTANT NOT to read both roles. In other words, only read the role you are assigned to. 
  3. Act out with your partner the script in a realistic way to the best of your ability. 
  4. After acting out the role play and working out the details for your conflict role play, answer each of the following questions below with as MUCH SPECIFIC detail as possible. (Make sure you do three peer replies before the end of the day on Saturday).

GRADING RUBRIC: In general for this assignment, a one three (3) sentence response is average – “C” level, a six (6) sentence response (or longer) is outstanding – “A” level; this length requirement is for each question. Proper grammar and spelling are required. Make sure to answer all question parts. You will need to self-assess, using the Listening Rubric, too (Underline each statement that applies to you).  ANSWER the following questions THOROUGHLY after doing the UGLI Orange role play (copy the questions below and number each of the questions as you answer them): 

 1. What are some of the attitudes / beliefs that helped the negotiation process?

  1. What are some of the attitudes / beliefs that hindered the negotiation process?
  2. What are some of the listening tools you used or the other person used during the exercise? What listening tools did you forget to use that would have aided the negotiation process?
  3. Describe the level of trust you experienced during this exercise. What built trust and/or broke trust during the exercise?
  4. Using the Conflict Resolution Rubric determine your level of competency. Write a paragraph summarizing what you learned about your conflict resolution ability level.
  5. What feedback did you receive from your peer following the exercise? Be specific.
  6. What will be the benefits to you of improving your ability to resolve conflict situations both in terms of your personal life and your professional life?
  7. What specific steps will you take to improve?

You may do this assignment with a friend, family member or a coworker. The person does NOT have to be from this class. 

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