Identify a local issue | English homework help

 Your goal for this discussion in Week 5 is to identify a local issue that you can use as the basis for your Project 4 recommendation report.  


Local is defined for this assignment as outside of your home but within 50 miles of your home and is not limited to local government. The issue must impact others beyond yourself. The issue could be related to your community (street, apartment, city, county ),  workplace, an organization that you participate with (sports, volunteer or hobby group), place of worship, etc, but it must be something that you are very familiar with and has an issue that you believe would improve the community if the situation was addressed with a positive resolution. 

Here is a list of some well-done projects that students have submitted in the past. 

  • Improving security in an apartment parking building to stop vandalism and theft.
  • Having lighting added to a dark street to reduce accidents and crime
  • Updating a local playground to make it safe and friendly for children
  • Cleaning up a local community that is subject to a lot of visitor parking and the accompanying mess
  • Adding speed limit signs, speed humps, or other traffic calming measures in a community to improve safety
  • Adding cameras to a church building to stop theft
  • Changing store configurations to help employees service customers
  • Adding security measures (keypads and camouflage decor) to a nursing home to prevent dementia patients from wandering off and potentially harming themselves
  • Changing office routines in a medical office to spread duties amongst shifts and improve patient safety

In a nutshell, think of something that should not be the way it is and that you see as fixable. 

So, how does this relate to technical communication? Working with this topic, you will create emails, memos, surveys, graphics, and a report. Essentially, working with this topic provides you with the opportunity to do all the things that as a citizen we should be able to do for our families, friends, communities, and workplaces.

For this discussion, answer the following questions in your original post:

  1. Paragraph 1- what is the problem that you are addressing and why is it an issue? 
  2. Paragraph 2- what local area is involved and do you consider this an issue that the government should resolve or that should it be resolved by the community? Why? 
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