Juvenile delinquency unit 3 – ip | CJUS285 Juvenile Delinquency | Colorado Technical University

 It is important to consider the environmental factors that often impact an offender’s potential for delinquency. Juveniles can be influenced by the following:

  • Their conditions at home
  • Peer pressure in school
  • Other situations they are exposed to

For this assignment, complete the following activity to see examples of high-risk youths:

 CJUS285_U3-IP_Environmental-Factors (careered.com) 


Then, address the following in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 7–10 slides:

  • Provide 2 examples of family factors that impacted the child’s delinquency, and describe how they shaped their behavior.
  • Provide 2 examples of the causes of failure in school, and explain how these are linked to juvenile delinquency.
  • Describe adolescent drug use and abuse and the patterns of behavior that change over time.



TEDx Talks. (2016, July 5). The real roots of youth violence | Craig Pinkney | TEDxBrum [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWNTMmktoCQ


Maximum Points Possible

Provide 2 examples of family factors and describe how they shape a youth’s behavior.


Describe 2 causes of failure in school and how that puts youth at a higher risk of delinquency.


Describe stages of substance use/abuse and describe how behaviors change within those stages.


Provide sufficient details and relevant evidence to support claims within 7-10 slides.


Professional Language: Assignment contains accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation with few or no errors.


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