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This course is the study of the progress of civilization from ancient times to the beginning of the scientific revolution that led to the present time. This course is driven by the innovators, inventors, and thinkers that challenged conventional thought and the ideas that were prevalent since the times of antiquity. Adding to the core readings in the first two dialogues classes in Belief and Reason, the student will further their examination of the continuing conflict between faith and reason and look at the main personalities that have contributed to this debate.

Written Goals:
1.Demonstrate skills in integrating critical thinking with the written expression of ideas and arguments;
2.Demonstrate knowledge of rhetorical situations and conventions;
3.Demonstrate the ability to write with logic and clarity and in a well-reasoned and effective manner consistent with academic and professional standards.

First analytical essay. In this four to five page essay the student will analyze and evaluate the book “Descartes Bones” by Russell Shorto. This essay will be graded and contribute 15% of your final grade. The essay will be due May 27, 2011.

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