Mgmt-340 business systems analysis full package leading to a+

MGMT-340 Business Systems Analysis FULL PACKAGE leading to A+ (97.05%!!!)




MGMT 340 Week 1 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 1 Course Project

MGMT 340 Week 1 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 2 Cost Benefit Analysis Spreadsheet For NOVA

MGMT 340 Week 2 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 2 Course Project

MGMT 340 Week 2 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 3 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 3 Data Flow Diagram

MGMT 340 Week 3 Course Project

MGMT 340 Week 3 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 4 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 4 Course Project

MGMT 340 Week 4 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 5 Course Project

MGMT 340 Week 5 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 5 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 6 Petrie’s Electronics Cases Ch 10

MGMT 340 Week 6 Problems – Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 6 Project Close Out Report

MGMT 340 Week 6 Quiz

MGMT 340 Week 7 Problems and Exercises

MGMT 340 Week 7 Use Case Diagram

MGMT 340 Week 7 Quiz



MGMT 340 Week 8 Final Exam


(TCO 1) When developing information systems, an organization could use:


(TCO 1) The practice of turning over responsibility of some or all of an organization’s information systems applications and operations to an outside firm is referred to as:


TCO 2) Identifying, assessing, and managing the risks and day-to-day changes that occur during a project best defines which of the following project manager activities?


(TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT a project management phase?


(TCO 2) Which of the following would be classified as an intangible cost?


(TCO 2) The primary deliverable from the project identification and selection phase is:


(TCO 3) The term that refers to systems development projects bogged down in an abundance of analysis work is:


(TCO 3) Good interview guidelines consist of


(TCO 3) The search for, and implementation of, radical change in business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in products and services best defines:


(TCO 3) The purpose of requirements structuring is to


(TCO 4) The diagram that shows the scope of the system, indicating what elements are inside and outside the system, is called a:


(TCO 5) The number of instances of entity B that can (or must) be associated with each instance of entity A refers to:


(TCO 6) Shaping alternative system design strategies involves:


(TCO 7) Which of the following are general guidelines for displaying tables and lists?


(TCO 7) Which of the following is a guideline for displaying text?


(TCO 7) Reversing the sequence of one or more characters in a field is called:


(TCO 8) A notation that allows the modeler to specify, visualize, and construct the artifacts of software systems, as well as business models, best defines:


(TCO 8) Benefits of the object-oriented modeling approach include


(TCO 9) System documentation that is part of the program source code or is generated at compile time best defines:


(TCO 9) User testing of a completed information system using simulated data refers to:


(TCO 1) Describe the role of a systems analyst.


(TCO 2) Discuss the six major categories of feasibility


(TCO 3) Identify and describe the traditional methods for determining requirements.


(TCO 4) What is gap analysis? Why is gap analysis useful?


(TCO 5) Contrast data modeling to process modeling and logic modeling.


(TCO 6) Suppose that an analysis team did not generate alternative design strategies for consideration by a project steering committee or client.  What might the consequences be of having only one design strategy?  What might happen during the oral presentation of project progress if only one design strategy is offered?


TCO 7) Describe the three-step process for designing dialogues


(TCO 8) What is meant by Agile Methodologies? Identify the three key principles that the Agile Methodologies share.


(TCO 9) Describe four types of installation.


(TCO 9) Describe four types of maintenance

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