Business finance – management discussion assignment 1


Note discussions close after day 7 of their corresponding week, and there is no way to add posts after the discussion’s week has closed.

*Remember to write posts in MS Word prior to inputting the details into Canvas; this helps to assure points aren’t lost because of obvious grammatical errors. Also, students can use the MS “word count” tool to make sure their posts meet the minimum length requirements.  However, please do not upload a document as your post; this makes it very cumbersome to view your input.

This Discussion

View this video related to finding a job in the healthcare administration field:

Here is a quick summary of the career path I took but keep in mind everyone’s path will be unique. Think Michael Jordan was a standout player at North Carolina University while LeBron James went straight to the NBA from high school, but I think both have been relatively successful in the basketball field ????

  • College > internship while in college > obtained undergraduate degree > entry-level position > switched companies for a project management role > obtained master’s degree while working > promoted > enrolled in doctoral program > started teaching as a collegiate adjunct instructor part-time > switched companies (from a project coordinator at a health insurance company to an account representative at a healthcare software company) for a manager position > obtained doctorate > Now, I’m working fulltime in education (passionate about leading others).
  • By day 3 of this week, make an initial post that is at least 200 words in length (but the post can be longer). Answer these questions:
    • Describe your career path and where you eventually want to end up. It’s OK to include your high school endeavors. Hey, you have to start somewhere.
    • Based on the video, would you reconsider changing your ultimate end goal or maybe picking up a side job? If so, how/why? If not, what stood out to you in the video in general? 
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