Business finance – management soc week 8 assignment


Week 8 Assignment – Speaking Truth to Power


As American citizens, we can use our voices to communicate to our authority figures about how their decisions can impact society. One of the ways that we as citizens can participate in the creation of a future where all citizens are treated equitably is to voice our collective needs to those that we have placed in positions of authority. Before we do so, we should understand the relationship among power, privilege, and other socio-structural factors and the life circumstances of individuals from different groups. This paper will give you space to think through these ideas and to better prepare you to make your voice heard and have a positive impact on the world.


  • Answer the following in a 2–3 page paper:
  • Summarize the chapter:
  • Define the concepts of power and privilege and how they relate.
  • Discuss the chapter in light of your textbook readings (especially Chapter 2: Analyzing Economic Inequalities):
    • What is your perspective on the relationship between power and privilege and social problems? Use specific examples to support your ideas.
    • If you could have a conversation with a person in a position of authority about the relationship between power, privilege, and current social problems, what would you discuss? What advice or tools would you suggest to help them gain more social intelligence in this area?
  • Use two sources from this week’s readings to support your writing. Cite the sources listed at least one time within your assignment.
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