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There have been multiple complaints over the last 30 days from downtown merchants regarding a rising amount of homeless persons in the area and park.   The merchants are complaining about their customers being accosted by constant panhandling, coming to their business to find persons camping in front of their business, having to clean up refuse and feces, as well as them using the park fountain to bathe.  You look at the call records for the last 60 days and note a significant increase in calls to the area by merchants as well as the park regarding open drinking, parents complaining about the constant cursing, calls regarding physical disturbances, and several people being transported for drug overdoses.  They have not come to the city commission meeting voicing their concerns to the mayor and commissioners and demanding that action be taken.  The following map will give you an aerial view of the downtown area.   The blue dots in the map indicate a call for service in the last 30 days, the red dots indicate an arrest for either panhandling or open container violation, and the orange dots represent where the drug overdoses have occurred.  

Outline your response to the issue above using the S.A.R.A. model.  Be as detailed as possible for each category. Outline of S.A.R.A. model (each category Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment)

  Scanning – identifying and prioritizing problems. Should be a
concern to both police and public.
 Analysis – examines the problem’s causes, it’s scope and
effect. Frequency is determined, duration of problem as
well as prevalent conditions. Also one should consider
stakeholders, resources and available partnerships.
 Response – Selecting an alternative solution to try. Examining
approaches used by other communities and agencies, present
research on problem, utilizing town halls or partnerships to
brainstorm. Also one must consider availability of resources and
expense of undertaking the solution.
 Assessment – Evaluating the solutions effectiveness. In other
words did it solve the problem? If not why not? What other
alternatives are there? 

analysis of the problem and your determination of resources needed and how you will measure the success of the project. there are two components of measuring success.
These are efficiency and effectiveness 

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