Design, evaluation and optimization of a bladeless wind turbine

I have dissertation on the above topic, 6500 words. I am struggling to move forward would you able to help with the laout and creating the table context or the project the aim and objective are:
Overall project aim:
In recent years, there has been a strong interest in new approaches to wind generation. Despite been studied for their relative simplicity in construction, aeroelasticity phenomenon and other engineering areas, the potential of this designs in wind energy conversion is still under scrutiny. In this context, the main aim of this project is to investigate the characteristics of bladeless wind turbine and to evaluate the potential to reach a power generation capacity up to 250W for on-grid power supply to a city or off-grid for power supply to a locality. Several designs of the bladeless wind turbines will be evaluated to enable selection of the most feasible and efficient design.
Project objectives:
In order to achieve the main aim of this project, the following objectives were defined.

? Conduct an extensive literature review of the existing designs of the new wind turbines based on different operation principles and the sensitivity of the systems to various parameters. For this project, the wind turbine selected is the bladeless wind turbine.
? Study of the modern methodologies and technologies used to develop bladeless wind turbine designs to understand their feasibility in the design and optimization of the 250W bladeless wind turbine. Select the most appropriate for the development of this project.
? Identify the parameters governing design of bladeless wind turbines, preliminary design and carry out aerodynamic analysis of the model and determine the performance of a prototype.
? Optimization of the design and structure of the bladeless wind turbine in consideration of the effect of all the parameters on the performance to enhance performance of the final design.
? Study and understand the grid power distribution and its utilization and the contribution of green energy power sources.
? Determine the power generation capacity of the final model, its performance and efficiency. 

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