Multidimensional care iv course reflection


Initial Post

Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency.

Describe how you achieved the transferable skill, Critical Thinking, including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to the transferable skill

Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.

Course Competencies
  • Apply strategies for safe, effective multidimensional nursing practice when providing care for clients with neurological disorders.
  • Outline appropriate nursing strategies for providing care to perioperative clients.
  • Compare nursing interventions for clients with complex disorders.
  • Identify strategies for safe nursing practice of the client with multi-system organ failure.
  • Prioritize nursing interventions for clients with medical emergencies.
  • Summarize the nurse’s role and care strategies for clients during disasters.
Transferable Skills
  • Critical Thinking (Application)

You are required to give a minimum of two responses and follow the criteria listed below:

  • Review how your classmates achieved each course competency and transferable skill.
  • Identify new knowledge others gained you had not considered.
  • Describe how this new knowledge could impact your nursing practice.

Initial post due June 13, 11:59 pm. Two reply posts due by *Fri, June 16 11:59 pm (last day of class)

SON Discussion Rubric

Levels of Achievement
Discussion Rubric Criteria (Points)
  • Initial Posting Comprehension – Points 12
  • Initial post does not include explanations with examples or supporting evidence. Failure to submit initial posting will result in zero points for this criteria. – Points 9
  • Initial post includes brief explanation with limited or unclear examples and limited supporting evidence. – Points 10
  • Initial post includes clear explanation with examples and supporting evidence. – Points 11
  • Initial post includes comprehensive explanation with detailed examples and supporting evidence. Points 12
  • Response Posting Reasoning – Points 12
  • Response to peers attempts to contribute to the discussion but lacks suggestions and/or supporting evidence. Failure to submit response postings will result in zero points for this criteria. – Points 9
  • Response to peers provides minimal contributions and suggestions with limited or no supporting evidence. – Points 10
  • Response to peers contributes to the discussion with suggestions and supporting evidence. – Points 11
  • Response to peers offers substantial contributions and detailed suggestions with supporting evidence. – Points 12
  • Spelling and Grammar – Points 3
  • Spelling and grammar contain substantial errors that makes sentences and/or paragraphs incoherent. – Point 0
  • Spelling and grammar errors occur but are inconsistent. Paragraphs and sentences are coherent but may exhibit spelling errors, run-on’s or fragments, and/or improper verb tense usage. – Point 1
  • Displays proper grammar application and writing contains minimal to no spelling errors. May contain rare improper uses of words (ex., their vs. there), a misplaced modifier, or a run-on sentence, but does not detract from the overall understanding of the sentence and/or paragraph. – Points 2
  • Demonstrates an exemplary application of spelling and grammar. – Points 3
  • APA Citation – Points 3
  • Citations do not follow APA Style. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries are not cited, or there is no attempt to cite them using APA style. – Point 0
  • Errors in APA citations are noticeable and may detract from the ability to locate the original source (for example, no title provided, year of publication is missing, no punctuation). – Point 1
  • Errors in APA citations are less noticeable and do not detract from the ability to locate the original source (for example, a missing or misused comma or period, missing parentheses, author name not properly abbreviated, indentation is misaligned). – Points 2
  • APA citations are free of style and formatting errors. – Points 3
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