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     Sales   operations at Stripe requires a baseline of analytical skills, and it is also   critical that we are able to explain complex concepts to a variety of   audiences. This test is structured so that someone with the baseline skills   needed to succeed in the role should be able to complete this in under 4   hours without assistance.      Use the   data in the included sheets to address the following scenario…      Assume   you are back in time in early 2018, and you have you been asked to help   improve the productivity of our acquisition sales teams. Use the data provided in the included sheet   to:   — (1)   Diagnose where there may be opportunities to improve productivity   — (2)   Develop hypothesis for how to address these opportunities      Please conduct your analysis   within the Google Sheet. If you would like to append a Google doc to   summarize and/or include your hypothesis, that is fine.        Please treat the assignment   as standalone and try to be as structured with your diagnostic and hypothesis   as possible. We will have a follow-up call with you in which we will discuss   your approach to this assignment.    

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