Extended definition draft | english | Prince George’s Community College

Submit the draft of your extended definition and email for instructor review and comments. 

As a Reminder, here are the instructions

Extended Definition  (15% of your overall grade)


Purpose: Create a technical document that defines a term or concept and extends it, using specific strategies. 

Subject / Topic: For this project, students will create a definition of a term that encourages others to submit to Art Helps Hearts. The term or concept should be encouraging to those that are unwell. 

Genre: The extended definition should be an infographic. 

Intended Audience: The extended definition should be directed toward the specific audience. Tone, language, and style should be appropriate for that audience. Ethical, cultural, and legal differences of the audience should be considered and addressed. 

Content Requirements: The extended definition should include a sentence-level definition of the term or concept and at least 3 levels or extensions. These extensions or levels could be created using a number of definition strategies, including partition, principles of operation, examples, comparison/contrast, negation, analogy, and etymology. 

Design Requirements: The extended definition should include at least 1 design element, including graphics or photographs. 

Source Requirements: 2-4 outside sources 

Citation: APA 

Length Requirements: At least 1 full-page

PART 2: THE EMAIL (Professional Correspondence)

Purpose: To reflect on and justify the rhetorical choices made in the extended definition

Topic/Subject: The piece of correspondence should identify the purpose and audience for the extended definition. It should then justify the rhetorical choices made, explaining why they work, given the purpose and audience.

Genre: Professional email

Intended Audience: The Art Helps Heart administration 

Length Requirements: At least 1 full-page

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