Law – criminal module 1 assignment: common law legal system



For this assignment, you will prepare a creative deliverable that details the basic concepts of a common law legal system. You will be able to choose whichever format you wish for your deliverable.  Please follow the instructions below and be sure to follow APA formatting guidelines. 

Instructions:In Module 1, we learned about common law, which is the body of United States law developed through the courts.

  1. For this assignment, you will create a deliverable of your choice (written document, infographic, PowerPoint, video, etc.) that communicates the information below. Did you know?? Communicating information in a creative format is a very useful skill for today’s business professionals. See the attached handout to view resources that can assist you in creating some of these types of deliverables.
    • Explain the basic concepts of a common law legal system.
    • As part of your deliverable, be sure to include information addressing precedent and stare decisis
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