Read description discussion (school safety)

This week, we will wrap-up the discussion on Prevention and Preparation under the PREPaRE Model.

A School Counselor’s role in the crisis management team is to facilitate communication between students and caring adults defusing critical incidents and providing stress management.

Review the following resource: Preparing Your School for a CrisisLinks to an external site. and Essentials of a School-Based Crisis Response PlanLinks to an external site.


Respond to the following prompts in the Planning; Crisis Response Plan discussion forum by Wednesday March 22, 2023

  • Review the Crisis Response Plan at your Practicum location.
  • What plans or strategies could be added to enhance the effectiveness of the Response Plan?

** Absolutely NO Plagiarism

***All writing must be original 

****NO using writing or COPYING FROM COURSE HERO

***** My Instructor checks for plagiarism on Turn It In and on Safe assign


——–>SEE ATTACHMENT <——-  or writing prompt please read over entire instructions

—>Remember this course is for School Counseling

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