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Part 1

The scenario for this assignment is based on the Acme Distribution Center, a fictitious company. You need to play the role of Sam, the system administrator. Acme is responsible for completing a huge target of 180,000 orders. It holds the reputation of having an extremely low error rate for the central distribution per the industry standards. Therfore, Acme is viewed as a model of efficiency. another good thing about Acme is that it operates 24/7, even on holidays!

At the Acme Distribution Center, your colleagues are the following employees:

  • Robert, the lead warehouse receiver
  • Jennifer, sales and accounts payable
  • Bradley, the warehouse general manager
  • LuEllen, the shipper
  • Buster, the shipper
  • Lloyd, the purchasing agent
  • Spare, for temporary help

Jennifer works in the Sales Department by day and part-time as the evening accounts payable clerk with credit memo privileges to correct customer orders. Jennifer is a valuable asset for the organization. Since she joined the accounts payable department, the late payment rate has dropped by 20% while the warehouse-shipping rate increased by 10%, and the overall profit has increased by a modest amount of 0.005% for the first reporting period.

Your General Manager, Bradley is concerned that there is a high-value inventory moving through the system, but the profits are, at best, meager for high margin items. Bradley discussed the issue of inventory volume with Lloyd to see if he knew of any reason for the miserable performance, since so many high-value items were being ordered and shipped.

Your goal is to ensure that the users have only those access permissions that they need to perform their jobs effectively. A bit of research reveals that the warehouse has many goods to ship. You have developed the following matrix and scheme to identify conflicts in duties to address with the management. This will help Acme during the pending audit and reduce asset risk.

Using the following legend, provide the users with the appropriate rights and permissions:

  • T = Temporary
  • BP = By Position assigned
  • F or A = Needed for primary function
  • N = Never
  • RO = Read only

The first chart shown below depicts the current system. Please fill in the second chart to show which control each person should have based upon their role. For example, LuEllen should have an F under shipping since it is her primary role.

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