Tourette’s syndrome | Education homework help

 Topic:  Tourette’s Syndrome 

will  consist of a literature review and discussion of the current  biological/genetic treatments for your selected topic. At least 6 scholarly  sources should be used. This  must be written through a biological  lens. Meaning a discussion of the genetic/biological origin and  treatments are required. Do not include non-biologically-based treatment  methods such as counseling, therapy, support groups etc. 


History:  A history (historical perspective) of the topic . The  history portion of the summary  should be brief and relevant to the  purpose of the summary (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font  only).

Epigenetic Causes: A detailed explanation  of the epigenetic (genetic and environmental) etiology (cause) of the  chosen topic  (Written in third person, Times New  Roman, 12 font only).

Symptoms and treatments: A  detailed discussion of the symptoms and biological/genetic treatments  of the chosen topic  (Written in third person, Times  New Roman, 12 font only).

Evaluation: A critical  evaluation and summation of three current (no older than five years)  research articles on the chosen topic (Written in  third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).

Synthesis: Brief synthesis and conclusion of the material presented (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).

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