Nur369 assessment 1: literature review (part b)

Word limit: 1500 words

Need in 24 hours

Topic of interest is Breast Cancer

Please check all the details attached in the file

The links in the references should open, for example: Bond, L., Simmons, E., & Sabbath, E. L. (2022). Measurement and assessment of fidelity and competence in no specialist-delivered, evidence-based behavioral and Mental Health Interventions: A systematic review. SSM – Population Health, 19, 101249.

Burns, J. W., Van Dyke, B. P., Newman, A. K., Morais, C. A., & Thorn, B. E. (2020). Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and pain education for people with chronic pain: Tests of treatment mechanisms. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 88(11), 1008-1018.

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Gillespie, C., Murphy, M., Kells, M., & Flynn, D. (2022). Individuals who report having benefitted from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): A qualitative exploration of processes and experiences at long-term follow-up. Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation, 9(1).

Higher, N., Gamble, J., & Creedy, D. (2018). Perinatal Mental Health and psychosocial risk screening in a community maternal and child health setting: Evaluation of a digital platform. Primary Health Care Research & Development, 20.

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Martinengo, L., Stona, A., Griva, K., Dazzan, P., Pariante, C. M., Von Wangenheim, F., & Car, J. (2021). Self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy apps for depression: Systematic assessment of features, functionality, and unity with evidence (preprint).

McLennan, J. D., Marsh, R., & Gillis, J. (2020). 20.8 predictors of wait times for Preschool Mental Health Services. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 59(10).

Mohr, D. C., Lattie, E. G., Tomasino, K. N., Kwasny, M. J., Kaiser, S. M., Gray, E. L., . . . Schueller, S. M. (2019). A randomized noninferiority trial evaluated remotely-delivered stepped care for depression using internet cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and telephone CBT. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 123, 103485.

Snoek, A., Beekman, A. T., Dekker, J., Aarts, I., Van Grootheest, G., Blankers, M., . . . Thomaes, K. (2020). A randomized controlled trial comparing the clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and integrated EMDR-dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) in the treatment of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and comorbid (sub)clinical borderline personality disorder: Study design. BMC Psychiatry, 20(1).

Soklaridis, S., Lin, E., Lalani, Y., Rodak, T., & Sock lingam, S. (2020). Mental health interventions and supports during COVID- 19 and other medical pandemics: A rapid systematic review of the evidence. General Hospital Psychiatry, 66, 133-146.

Sun, N., Wei, L., Shi, S., Jiao, D., Song, R., Ma, L., . . . Wang, H. (2020). A qualitative study on the psychological experience of caregivers of COVID-19 patients. American Journal of Infection Control, 48(6), 592-598.

Tudor-Sfetea, C., Rabee, R., Najib, M., Amin, N., Chadha, M., Jain, M., . . . Eisingerich, A. B. (2018). Evaluation of two mobile health apps in the context of smoking cessation: Qualitative study of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) versus non-cbt-based Digital Solutions. JMIR MHealth and UHealth, 6(4).

Yin, X., & Zeng, L. (2020). A study on the psychological needs of nurses caring for patients with coronavirus disease 2019 from the existence, relatedness, and growth theory perspective. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 7(2), 157-160.

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