Nursing presenting data results assignment


Assignment Instructions

Comparing performance is a common business strategy, including those among healthcare facilities. You are Regional Director for a Healthcare System that includes two hospitals, several clinics, and a long-term care facility. You have been asked to evaluate hospital comparison data and develop a dashboard to benchmark aspects of the coding function for internal and national standards. The information is used by HIM managers and coding supervisors across the network. HIM works closely with reimbursement and revenue, so you may include data on length of stay, accounts receivable, DRGs, or case mix index as part of your dashboard presentation.

Coding Data

  • Research national inpatient and outpatient coding standards from AHIMA body of knowledge and other resources.
  • Compare the various aspects of the standards.
  • Create a coding dashboard based on the standards.
    • The dashboard should contain at least three different coding aspects. The data can be qualitative or quantitative, for inpatient or outpatient coding.
    • You should include at least two graphs to help create your dashboard. Use MS Excel to create the graphs. Include actual data within tables to create a good graphical display.

Dashboard & Assessment

Create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation to include:

  • Visuals and graphs of hospital data and coding data – as your dashboard.
  • For each graph, provide a summary (at least 2 paragraphs) to explain what the information reflects, and why it is a valuable tool for HIM services and managers.
  • Evaluate the use of benchmarking and comparative data.
  • Based on your interpretation of the hospital and coding data results, what are your predictions or assumptions about the data.   
  • Evaluate the report using various statistical methods.
  • Justify your interpretation based on the summary of data and references.
  • Recommend how you intend to use the data for making decisions for HIM managers and coding supervisors across the hospital system.
  • Provide a summary of your references.
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