Nursing week 6 information systems in healthcare assignment

Course Project Milestone 3



The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the skills of the professional nurse as an educator. You are to prepare a patient scenario based on the 
required assigned topic. You will choose 
an already developed and reliable mHealth app to use in the education of your patient.

Based on your accepted Milestone 1 assignment, use the information to identify teaching areas to improve patient outcomes and ways to evaluate the success of the patient’s use of the mHealth app. You will include both the citations and references in APA format.

You will develop the Patient Education Technology Guide using 
Microsoft PowerPoint OR a Poster in Microsoft Office format. You must use either a PowerPoint presentation or the Poster template provided, depending on which option you choose. 
Only complete one assignment: PowerPoint or Poster.

Preparing the Assignment

Required Assignment Topic

Note: You will use the same scenario you developed and same mHealth app you identified in Week 2.


· Select a 
Microsoft PowerPoint OR a Poster presentation for this assignment. See the Guidelines below for each of the options. 

· You are required to complete this assignment using the productivity tools required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC. You must save the file in the “.pptx” format. A later version of the productivity tool includes Office 365, which is available to Chamberlain students for 
FREE by downloading from the student portal at 

http://my.chamberlain.eduLinks to an external site.

PowerPoint Assignment Guidelines

· You are required to cite your source(s) as it relates to your application slide. Other citations are permitted, but this is not a requirement for the assignment.

Title slide (first slide): Include a title slide with your name and the title of the presentation.

Scenario Slide (one slide): This slide should include the approved patient scenario from Milestone 1 and 2. You will use the approved patient scenario and include a disease process, diagnosis, OR identify a patient with a desire to maintain good health and prevent illness and who would benefit from 
an already developed and reliable mHealth app. Include the nurse’s assessment of learning needs and readiness to learn.

mHealth application slide (one slide): Identify a 
developed and reliable mHealth app that could benefit the patient. Describe the app, including the following.

· Name of app

· Purpose of app

· Intended audience

· Mobile device(s) upon which the app will operate

· Where to download or obtain it (include a working link if it is to be downloaded from a website)

· Any other information you believe would be pertinent to this situation

· Be sure to cite all sources you use.

Teaching slide(s) (one to three slides): Prepare slides that contain important points about the app that you want to teach to the patient, such as how to use the app safely and effectively (including how to interpret and act on the information that is provided).

Evaluation slide(s) (one to three slides): Describe how you would determine the success of the patient’s use of this app. For example, include ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching plan that are a good fit for the type of app and focus on specific ways that this app benefits the patient’s health and wellness.

References (last slide): List any references for sources that were used and cited in the presentation.

Number of PowerPoint slides: 6-10 slides total

Writing and design: There should be no spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is concise and clear. Avoid words that the patient may not understand. Slides are visually appealing, incorporating graphics, photographs, colors, and themes.

Review the section on Academic Integrity Policy found in the RNBSN Policies. All work must be original (in your own words) unless properly cited.

Best Practices in Preparing PowerPoint Slideshows

· Be creative but realistic.

· Incorporate graphics, color, themes, or photographs to increase interest.

· Make each slide easy to read with 
short bullet points and large font. You may use speaker notes for full sentences.

· Review directions thoroughly.

· Cite all sources within the slides with (author, year), as well as on the reference slide.

· Proofread prior to final submission.

· Check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.

· Abide by the Chamberlain academic integrity policy.

· Tutorial: For those not familiar with the development of a PowerPoint slideshow, the following link to the Microsoft website may be helpful. to an external site.
 The Chamberlain Student Success Strategies (SSPRNBSN) offers a module on Computer Literacy that contains a section on PowerPoint. SSPRNBSN is a course tile on your dashboard.

Poster Assignment Guidelines

· Download and use the 

Poster TemplateLinks to an external site.
. This should only be one page.

· Complete all boxes on the template.

Best practice for Poster Presentations

· Be creative but realistic.

· Incorporate graphics, color, themes, or photographs to increase interest.

· Make the poster easy to read with 
short bullet points and appropriate sized font.

· Review directions thoroughly.

· Cite all sources with (author, year) and reference.

· Proofread prior to final submission.

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