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Write your own physical science problem: Write a numerical three-part physical science problem with background information.  You need to choose a situation from real life and research real values to use in your problem.  It needs to have three questions (parts) that relate to each other. You will need to submit a solution to your problems.  Don’t try to go overboard with mathematics.  Just use the equations from the course and don’t stray too far from them.  You will be graded on how real the problem is and your solution to it.  DO NOT COPY OR MODIFY A PROBLEM FROM THE INTERNET OR OTHER SOURCES!!!  That’s called PLAGIARISM and is considered CHEATING!!!  Just come up with some simple situations that you can research on your own.

The background information needs to be at least 250 WORDS LONG and include information that pertains to the problem.  For example, if your problem has you calculate the acceleration of a motorcycle, you would need to write at least 250 words about motorcycles that include a range of their typical accelerations.  Cite at least one source for your information.

One part of your problem has to include a CONSERVATION LAW: either conservation of energy or conservation of momentum.  You can do both.  Calorimetry problems are considered an application of conservation of energy thus satisfying the requirement.

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