Unit 4 as: article review

Read a peer-reviewed journal article on a topic related to psychology. The article must have an introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections. Thoroughly describe the type of information found in each section of the peer-reviewed journal article and provide examples from your peer-reviewed journal article (e.g., background information participants, assessments, hypotheses, results, recruitment methods, purpose, limitations, etc.). 

Your examples should be paraphrased with in-text citations following strict APA 7th edition format. All answers should be written in complete sentences and should be clear and concise. Taking language word for word from the article without properly citing and giving credit to the author(s) is plagiarism. It will be penalized as outlined in the Kean University Academic Integrity policy. 

The assignment should be a minimum of 750 – 1000 words. Upload as a Word document. Include a reference page following strict APA 7th edition format. 

100 Point breakdown = Introduction (24 points), Methods (24 points), Results (24 points), Discussion (24 points), Reference page (4 points).

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