Wearable devices for wellness and health



Course Objective for Assignment: Evaluate the organizational environment in the health care
industry to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes

Wearable fitness devices have been a hot topic in health and wellness for a few years now.
Wearable fitness devices can be used to track physical activity, sleep, and heart rate and are
often paired with a smartphone or website to track and store data. Several technology
companies are revealing new wearables that could be used in patient care. For this assignment

What impact the wearable devices had made on the health and wellness of the public through
monitoring health conditions – physical activity, blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse rate?
What are their potential benefits for remote patients’ monitoring?
What could be their potential security vulnerabilities for health data being transmitted wirelessly?
Include a title page and reference page(s).

Use appropriate APA-formatting.

Use at least 2-3 credible sources of information as references

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