210 u wk11 reply | Social Science homework help


Please see the attachment to review the General Social dataset.


What is your research question?

Is gender and feelings of discrimination about race statistically dependent?

What is the null hypothesis for your question?

Gender and feelings of discrimination about race are statistically independent. The two events are independent.

What research design would align with this question?

Performing the Chi-Square Test as there are two variables, neither is a ratio.

What dependent variable was used, and how was it measured?

The dependent variable is discrimination because of race— and this variable is categorized as a nominal variable.

What independent variable is used, and how is it measured?

The Independent variable is the respondents’ sex, which is categorized as a nominal variable.

If you found significance, what is the strength of the effect?

Gender discrimination has a significant impact on mental and physical health worldwide. It can limit people’s access to healthcare, increase rates of ill health, and lower life expectancy.

Explain your results for a lay audience and further explain the answer to your research question.

Out of the 2538 respondents, 1242 were valid for this analysis. The data indicate that 26 males responded to feelings of discrimination because of race, leaving 581 males who do not feel discrimination. Twenty-one females responded that they feel discriminated against because of race, and 614 did not. This would indicate that there is a relationship between the two factors. The Chi-Square statistic has a critical value of .812 and a p-value of .367. This p< .05, this is not statistically significant. Therefore, we accept the null hypothesis that there is no relationship between gender and feelings of discrimination because of race. Finally, Cramer’s V is .26, which validates the indication that there is no relationship.


Wagner III, W. E. (2020). Using IBM® SPSS® statistics for research methods and social science

statistics. Sage Publications.

8210 WK 11 DISCUSSION Dataset.docx

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