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Diet Analysis Project PPT Instructions

Develop a 15-20 slide powerpoint in APA, or MLA format to present a personal diet analysis plan using the Livestrong MyPlate Calorie Counter (The title page, and reference page are part of the slide count). The diet analysis powerpoint must contain the following components:

  1. 3-day food diary with all foods consumed (Choose 3 consecutive days, one being a weekend or holiday to record food consumption).The 3-day diary will serve and assist with generating a meal plan checklist for the final diet analysis project using the MyPlate tool.
  2. Biophysical characteristics (age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, physical activity),
  3. Total calorie intake with dates
  4. Two HUN1201 Nutrition general course outcomes that relate to the plan
  5. Initial improvement plan with supporting citation.
  6. Summary describing all required components

 You can use the program Cronometer ( instead. Like Livestrong, you will have to  subscribe to a free account. Enter your three-day dietary information under “Food” and upload the analysis as part of your report. 

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