Learning assessment | History homework help

 1-1 and 1⁄2 single-spaced pages 

  1. What were the 2-3 most effective articles for you? 
  2. What were the 2 most effective video clips for you? 
  3. What did you learn in this course? 
  4. Look at the learning objectives. Please see if those were met or not.

 will be able to: 

  1. Express an understanding of how indigenous systems produce governance, leadership, and varied cultures. 
  2. Articulate how Indigenous peoples have developed advanced forms of knowledge that all societies can benefit from. 
  3. Compare the ways that Indigenous people adapt in response to changing environments. 
  4. Cultural Identities. Explore the role that culture plays in constructing national, regional, and international identities.

This explains more about the 4th question: 

Course Objectives: 

  1. Explore Indigenous ways of knowing about the world and our environments. 
  2. Critically examine how Western colonialism interacted with Indigenous worldviews. 
  3. Understand Indigenous cultural transmission. 
  4. Foster awareness of how various Indigenous people interact with the surrounding environment in human, spiritual, and natural realms. 
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