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Using information from your textbook and this week’s lecture, find one example of the following from YouTube that was NOT used in the course or text. This can be a classical piece of music or a popular piece of music. 

  1. A musical piece that is programmatic, OR 
  2. A musical piece that uses word painting, OR
  3. A musical piece in which the poet or lyricist utilized literary or poetic devices

Begin by defining “programmatic,” “word painting,” or “literary and/or poetic devices” based on the piece you are choosing to share. Share the link to your selection with your classmates. Discuss why you feel this piece is an example of #1, #2, or #3.

If there are words in your selection, discuss what literary and/or poetic devices (found in the lecture) may be evident in this piece. If the piece is based on a literary or poetic work, discuss that as well, along with the ways in which you believe the music conveys the story. Keep in mind, most popular songs with words will fall into category #3.  

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