Disaster manage | Science homework help

W5: Day 5 of Disaster Simulation PART A Contains unread posts Scenario  – The fire and police department personnel are beginning their assessment of the damage done by the tornado. Based upon their observations and limited communications capabilities the following reports start to flow into the EOC.  Go through the  exercise  before you begin your […]

Marketing plan evans | Education homework help

    Please  submit a marketing plan describing your topic for your e. This  summary should discuss the brand you are writing the marketing plan for.  Explain why they need a new plan, and discuss some preliminary marketing  strategies. Topic: Brand or company you are proposing for your topic Brief background Rationale Why does this […]

Week2 | Psychology homework help

A Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making Holly Forester-Miller, Ph.D. Thomas Davis, Ph.D. Copyright © 1996, American Counseling Association. A free publication of the American Counseling Association promoting ethical counseling practice in service to the public. — Printed and bound copies may be purchased in quantity for a nominal fee from the Online Resource Catalog […]

Gw ii week 3 discussion

To prepare for this Discussion: Review the Week 2 Discussion for your main idea sentence as well as any feedback received. Review the Learning Resources on paraphrasing and citations. Read the provided research article. Post your initial 1- to 2-paragraph response that addresses the following: Post your main idea sentence from Week 2, revised according […]

K-12 policy | Biology homework help

  Develop a PK-12 Policy (CLOs 3, 4, 5, & 6) Background Policy development should be the result of research and include evidence-based practice, particularly when developing policies that affect student success and school quality. Local policies should be aligned with state and federal policies to ensure compliance but written in a way that is […]

Mmw 10 | History homework help

In a short paragraph, tell me about Galileo Galilei, “Letters on Copernicanism and Scripture” your favorite MMW13 reading. Why was it your favorite? Did it give you a new perspective? Did you relate to the author or find the topic personally relevant? Or was it just interesting on a detached, academic level? What did the […]

Determine the liquid and solid phase compositions for a nominal

 Using the lead-tin phase diagram in Figure  6.3, determine the liquid and solid phase compositions for a nominal  composition of 90% Sn and 10% Pb at 204°C (400°F).  Part of the solution to this question is  provided in the e-textbook.  However, you need to (1) make marks and  label on the phase diagram to show […]

Business 202 | Accounting homework help

Be sure that you are putting some thought into your discussion 150-200 words.   Please answer the following 4 questions: 1. In job order cost accounting, the three elements of manufacturing cost are charged directly to job orders. Why is it not necessary to charge manufacturing costs in process cost accounting for job orders? 2. In […]

Human resource management final assignment 651

BUSI 651 Employment Law Case Scenario Assignment Instructions Overview Employment Hiring Protections You are an ambitious Gen Z, “twenty-something” with a You Tube channel, with 1M followers, a social influencer, and a new Tik Tok sensation. Your skill is hearing sounds and quickly mimicking them, such as all the iPhone ring tones, mimicking the old […]

Case study #2 xl systems for today’s leaders

  The computerized medication administration record (MAR) was a chart of all of the medications administered to a patient by a hospital.  Kate, a programmer/analyst in the Management Information Systems department, led a team to computerize the MAR. The team had been working on the pilot project for a year and hoped for a smooth […]

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