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Interpretation of terms

  1. Agreement refers to the terms and conditions we use
  2. The company refers to Cheggs.org: the writing company that offers writing services.
  3. The customer/Client refers to students or anyone we offer services to and uses our platform.
  4. The chat system refers to how our clients get in touch and ensures uninterrupted communication between the tutors/writers and our clients.
  5. Order refers to the request made by our customers so that we can offer them a service.
  6. Unlimited revision refers to the process of revising our client’s work to meet their needs.
  7. Support staff refers to our employees who ensure that all orders are coordinated, and customers get the assistance they need.
  8. The writer refers to the person employed by our company to offer freelance services.
  9. Encrypted refers to the protection of all the services that our customers use.
  10. Tutors refer to professionals hired by the company to teach students and provide knowledge during online classes.
  11. Tutoring tools refer to the equipment teachers use during online classes to make sure that students understand every concept.
  12. Paper refers to the assignment to be submitted.

The ordering and Registration process

  1. The form refers to the table that clients fill when placing their orders. It species the detail and guidelines about the type of project the student needs. Upon placing the order, the clients  provide all the specifics and guidelines that govern the project.
  2. In addition to filling the form, clients register with the company to have active accounts and a user dashboard. They should provide the name, location, email address, country of residence, and phone number. If the details change, customers have to make updates for efficiency.
  3. Upon creation of a personal profile.
  4. Customers should create another account for ordering or whatsoever. One account is enough to place the orders and transactions. If one customer has several accounts, the company has the right to merge all the accounts into one for easy record keeping and transactions.


Terms for the payment process

  1. We calculate the payment basing  on the number of pages, number of words, and the complexity of the projects. The writer will only start handling the assignment once the payment is made.
  2. Customers are free to make payments via Visa Cards, American Express, and MasterCard’s because we guarantee security. Our modes of payment are secure to guarantee no client loses their cash.

Order Revision

We revise our customer’s papers to their full satisfaction. This means they can always return their papers when they are not happy sot that the writers can take care of the correction.

The use of the product

Once the student pays for the paper, they get full ownership and the copyright. Our company does not resell the same paper to another student regardless of the similarities. We write every paper from scratch, and we ensure it is based on the student’s guidelines. Get a tutor


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